President Of BEF

From the Desk of PRESIDENT, BEF


Success is a journey, not a destination,’ so goes the saying which is true for our profession too. We should not rest with success but instead should sustain it as a continuous journey to ultimate excellence.

Engineers have always performed the role of backbone of a Nation and contributed a lion’s share in Development of our country. Success stories like the Bhakra Nangal Dam to the launching of Chandrayan mission to moon, bear testimony to the important role played by engineers in development of the Nation. The role of engineers in nation building has been acknowledged over the years, however, with changing world and changing societal norms, the responsibility of engineers has undergone a paradigm shift. With the advent of new world order we have seen the coinage of some new words, such as, energy security, food security, sustainable growth and green technology. It is now realised that, development and economic progress cannot be the sole objective of engineers. They have to now perform additional role of securing the future of the world at large. It is acknowledged that in today’s scenario of global economy, we cannot remain isolated. Therefore, progress, security, sustainability and ecological balance need to be addressed holistically. Hence, The Bandel Educational Foundation will provide an opportunity to engineers, technologists and other stake-holders to deliberate on the important issue of National Growth, Security and Challenges for Engineers.

Technique Polytechnic Institute under the Registered society of Bandel Educational Foundation is intending to promote and expand the technical & Professional education among the communities. The Institute is located in the close proximity to the centre point of the District. Hooghly and it is in the close proximity and near vicinity to the industrial belt of the developed district of the state.The industries like Bandel Thermal Power Station,ITC,Dunlop India Ltd., Ichapur Rifles Factory, Pepsi Industries Ltd., Amar PC , Xenities , Tata Automobiles & many others large and medium scale industries are within the reach of 05 to 20 kms. distance from the institute. The technical personnel in the field of Civil & infrastructure engineering and Computer & other Professional Personnel in the field of Administration has a greater need to fulfill the demand of the local industries and as well as industries of the state and nationwide. Technique Polytechnic Institute will on a continuous basis evaluate and monitor the quality of education and training imparted at the Institute, improve the teaching-learning process and ultimately, develop the institute as a Centre of Excellence.

We hope that students along with their parents and teachers will materialize our vision and mission.

With best wishes, S. K. Neogi