It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the Technique Polytechnic Institute (TPI). It brings us great pleasure to share with you the success journey of TPI over the last eight years. We have achieved an incredible mark in technical education arena ever since its inception. 

I am feeling a great pleasure to convey my message through this column. The purpose of the education that we are providing to the students is not just to produce academicians but to develop a total quality person. At TPI, we ensure a good environment for learning is maintained and the students have enough opportunities to develop the skills.

Our mission is to achieve academic excellence through innovative teaching and learning, quality service and enhanced development activities.

Rapid developments taking place in the field of engineering and technology have changed the way we work, learn and communicate. We are proud of our work in this institute, and we believe that there are many challenges ahead of us. We will continue to strive to improve the quality of our academic programmes and boost our research interests.

We are together to equip our students with a quality education so that they can walk through the doors of opportunity and reach their career destinations. Our well qualified and trained teachers are there to guide the young minds without dictating and dominating. This way the management, academic and non academic staff of TPI are working with sole concern of making a ‘Centre of Excellence’. We wish that our students enjoy the golden period of their studentship and take pride in being a student of TPI.

Wish you luck in your future.