Women Task-Force

Aims & Objectives of the Task Force:

i) The prime objectives of the Task Force are to maintain fearless and congenial working environment for women employees and students.ii) To provide guidelines for basic right to work with dignity and to handle related complaints received or referred to the Task Force.

iii) To handle the grievances of female students and staff amicably and constitute a procedure for grievance redressal.

iv) Responsible for maintaining discipline among female students.

v) To assess the climate prevailing in the female students community and take preventive measures, such as issue of notices, warning etc. for the purpose of forestalling any eventually of undesirable act.

vi) To deal with such other matters as may be assigned to it by the competent authority in force from time to time.

vii) To ensure safety and security of the girl students and other women employees.

Committee Members

Dr. Abhijit Chakraborty, Principal Chairperson
Smt. Pushmita Bhattacharya, Lecturer Co-ordinator
Smt. Anjana Sengupta, Lecturer Member
Smt. Soumi Das, Lecturer Member
Smt. Nabanita Bhowmick, Technical Assistant Member
Ms. Tanusree Dhar Student’s representative (3rd Year, DSE), Member
Ms. Ankita Mukherjee Student’s representative (2nd Year, DEE), Member
Ms. Namrata Mukherjee Student’s representative (2nd Year, DETCE), Member
Ms. Sreha Sarkar Student’s representative (1st Year, DEE), Member
Ms. Tithi Routh Student’s representative (1st Year, DCE), Member